Lindsay vs Lily

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  1. So what do you girls think... Lindsay vs. Lily. I have a black lily, I love her but don't use her that much. I don't have a Lindsay and am currently looking for a grey one.

    What are your feeling btw the two? I think I might like the Lindsay better... but then again I don't have one to compare them. Thoughts?!?!
  2. i was aiming to get a lily too when it started to
    arrive in the outlets but never got the chance to
    buy one :sad: now that the lindsay has been going on a very
    good deal at the outlets,i eventually bought one in TEAL!!

    IMHO,lindsay looks more professional since im planning to
    use her for work after graduating :smile:
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    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
    I have both and :heart: them both. They are such different style bags, so I can't say which I prefer. Although Lily is my HG bag :love:!
  4. Lily of course!!
  5. I have them both, too, and really prefer the Lindsay. Lily is a HEAVY bag to me - almost unwearable heavy. Im usually ok with fairly heavy bags, but something about this bag plus the kind of bulky shape of it, make it difficult for me to carry for any length of time. Its my "stand around and look good" bag. Lindsay is fairly heavy too and the straps slip off the shoulder alot, but its still more manageable, to me anyway, than Lily. Lookswise, they are both gorgeous, so you really cant go wrong either way.
  6. I have both and agree with all the points made by everyone. For me, Lily is better because there is just WAY too much slippage from my Lindsay. As much as I love her, I haven't taken off the tags because I don't know if I can actually live with is very annoying and happens constantly so I'd have to carry her on my arm/hand...and I am SO not a hold your bag in your arm/hand type person. I much prefer to wear my bags on my shoulder or (ideally for me) cross body. HTH!
  7. You will LOVE the lindsay. She's so soft and has sooo much room. She's an awesome bag, and grey would go with everything.
  8. Thanks for all the info. Is the slippage bad on the Lindsay? I can only fit Lily on my shoulder if I am not wearing a coat, do you think Lindsay will be the same?
  9. ^^For me the Lindsay has the bad slippage, I think mostly because of the leather which is very smooth and has no "grip." I have no problem with the Lily slipping off my shoulder...she's so heavy, she ain't going anywhere, lol!
  10. I prefer Lily though she's way too heavy for me to carry.
  11. what a good question I have both as well Lily is so pretty and so is my teal lindsay. for me I like lindsay better. I was going to sell lily then I took her out and looked at her she's so prettty I can't let her go. I have liked both since they were full price. both are high quality. Lindsay gets more looks than my lilly but then again I got the teal. argh ok so everyone is right above these are 2 really nice bags. I hand carry both but can throw both over a shoulder when needed :O)
  12. I don't own either.
    Based solely on looks, I prefer the Lindsay.
    I'm a bit more conservative, as is this bag over Lily, I think.
  13. I like the Lily. As a matter of fact, I have my sights set on one right now with Ebay. LOL
  14. Lily is a much more iconic piece, IMO!

  15. I have to agree. The tags are still on both of my Lindsays for the same reason, and because I can't decide which color I want if I decide to keep a Lindsay. I love my Lilys!