Lindsay Shopping

  1. Here are pics of Lindsay out shopping in London
    linds1.jpg linds3.jpg linds4.jpg linds5.jpg linds7.jpg linds11.jpg
  2. Ahhh shopping at Arrogant cat are we? Good choice. I love their stuff!
  3. I'm glad to see that she's filled out- she looks much better-
  4. Shopping Spree!!
  5. O yh, i do too!! Lol, was there the other day! Anyways,yeh I logve her style, think she always looks great, especialy as she has put a bit of weight on!!! And love the balenciaga bag!!!!
  6. OMG...I think that is the Balanciaga quilted bag??? I saw that in Calgary @ Holt Renfrew...
  7. wow she looks really good, espe in the first pic
  8. Much better looking these days! She doens't look great in her ultra skinny stage IMO.
  9. she looks really good, a lot better since she put on weight.