Lindsay says rumors are true...

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  1. Now that is surprising. Not.
  2. Oh I just posted this in another thread, sorry :shame:

  3. I know seriously, it is better off if you just admit its true in the first place instead of denying it and then admitting later you were a liar.
  4. I really hope someone seriously helps her to get out of this bad situation and to recover. It's amazing how a talented, young and beautiful girl can spoil herself :sad:
  5. Wow! I just thought she wasn't eating (much) at all. Glad she admitted it now. Maybe she can help others who look to her as a role model. Wonder if Nicole Ritchie is suffering the same prob.
  6. Well, you know ... she herself said that when she had lost all that weight, so many of the Hollywood folk said "wow, you lost a lot of weight ... you look great", making her think that she was super-fat! What a thing to do to a "kid" (who at the time was what - 17/18)? We may all think that she's an adult, but think about yourself at that age ... and imagine being told that?

    Although this gets me thinking about one of my other pet peeves ... the whole clothing sizes thing! I lost a lot of weight a few years ago (unfortunately, a lot of it came off because of a botched surgery). Anyhow, I'm now a size 10. Well ... the stinkin' designers consider me EXTRA-LARGE! I take offense to that ... !!!!!!!!! So, size 2,6,8 is "normal" ... I don't think so! While there are plenty of people who are naturally that size, there are also plenty of folks who are not. Hollywood and the magazines all buy into this crap ... and are feeding these young girls this crap that if they aren't a size zero (hello - zero means NOTHING!), a 2, 4 or 6 ... then they are FAT! We really need to work on this; this is really screwing up a lot of young girls' heads. This is not the case in Europe. I think they have a much healthier attitude towards their bodies than we do.
  7. Now let's see if other girls in her friends group(other startlets) start coming out about their problems...
  8. shocker of 2006! :P
  9. wow, at least honest! guess she wants to get the good girl again.especially after karl wanting her
  10. Yeah, Vanity Fair tape recorded the interview too so I would imagine Vanity Fair didn't lie.
  11. I don't think Vanity Fair lied either. I am wondering why she is now saying she didn't tell them that. Maybe she thinks it'll hurt her career. I think it would help it b/c she told the truth.
  12. I guess something is going on in her head.... maybe she'll be alright soon! :worried: