Lindsay & Paris + Other Celebs On Halloween

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Paris Hilton continued her long tradition of dressing up like a prostitute for Halloween as she and ex-BF Stavros Niarchos hit up a lame costume party in Hollywood over the weekend.

    This year the hotel heir head donned a Police Ho costume. (As for Stavros' costume, your guess is as good as mine.)

    Lindsay Lohan showed off her curvalicious bod last night in a Halloween costume that was somewhere between Madonna's 'Confession on the Dancefloor' and 'Physical' à la Olivia Newton-John
    halloween 1.jpg halloween 2.jpg
  2. Paris has the best costumes!! I love it!
  3. Paris can always be counted on to look trashy for Halloween and I think Lindsay pulls off the Olivia Newton John 'let's get physical' look quite well!
  4. Guess
  5. Lohan looks stupid and Paris should have arrested herself :lol: .

    Paris does make a hot cop!
  6. I actually like Paris's costume.
    And Lindsay can definetely pull off that Madonna look.
  7. haha. no that would be a bad idea. We all know how much she loves handcuffs ;)
  8. Is that Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed as Groucho Marx?

    (I have no clue who is dressed as Harpo!)
  9. curly and moe?
  10. I know its from that old tv show? silent comedy type of thing?
  11. The two people are dressed as The Marx Brothers: Harpo and Groucho.

    It's classic comedy: They did movies like Animal Crackers and Duck Soup. A classic line from Animal Crackers: "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know."

    Harpo Marx did more physical comedy and honking of horns.
  12. Oh! I know now! The guy dressed as Harpo is Ross McCall.
  13. Both outfits are not a far cry from what they wear normally!!
  14. :lol: good point danica
  15. wasen't paris a cop last year?