Lindsay out and about

  1. Ex-rehab-er Lindsay Lohan says a special goodbye to her father, Michael Lohan, and his yet-to-be-identified girlfriend in Sundance, Utah on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Mr. Lohan and his special somebody stayed took Lindsay to have breakfast at the local diner, Jim’s Family Restaurant.
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  2. I have to say she looks good. I just hope she stays clean after going back to L.A., to her friends and her mother.
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  3. What's her purse?
  4. sorry, dunno but i like her jeans.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I came here hoping there would be a thread about it lol. Anyone know?
  6. You think she would quit smoking.....let's see how many days before she is partying at the bars in LA......I really doubt she can live away from all the parties and attention she seems to crave.
  7. I hope she can get her sh*t together in time to save her life and her career. Hopefully the rehab worked this time.

    She looks great in the pictures though.
  8. Glad to see her and her father reunite.
  9. Her whole, dad, and her, all crave for attention, so it's going to be hard for any of them to stay away from all the temptation of partying. Her not quitting her smoking habit only makes me think that it's only a matter of time for her to fall back to drinking again. I honestly don't think she has hit her bottom yet, so we'll see.
  10. she looks great.
  11. Aw. come on, give the girl a break!! One addiction at a time! Plus, have you ever been to an AA or NA meeting? Those addicts SMOKE. And drink coffee. It still beats the heck out of drinking and drugging.
  12. She looks ok!
  13. So- nobody knows her bag?

  14. No.. I've looked. :crybaby:
  15. it's nice to see her & her dad talking again. i hope she stays clean, she has alot of talent to just throw it all away.