Lindsay, oh Lindsay...

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  1. Lohan's flashing a little boobage here. Um, it's time for a bra :nuts:

  2. um...ew.

  3. double ew lol! Doesn't she feel that draft?!?
  4. Ewww that looks FOUL! Not sexy at all.
  5. yikes!
  6. wow... wth
  7. That is nasty..but the boys might like it.
  8. That looks very unflattering!
  9. She looks like a big skank in that pic!:throwup:
    So dirty looking.
  10. ewww, that's the most unsexy boobage ever.
  11. :blink:
  12. :wtf: :yucky: :Push:
  13. what a weird shape! no implants my ass. i do like the dress though and since i'm on the flat chested side of things i wouldn't look like that :roflmfao:
  14. no implants my ass is right lol! It's very clear those don't appear "au naturel"
  15. Um, thats kinda gross! :sick:
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