Lindsay L's Red Bag in People

  1. Hi all - I've been reading the blog for a while and finally found something to post about. I'm more into vintage clothes and not enormously into bags - I have a few Isabella Fiores - but every so often I see one that really appeals to me. I've been wanting to buy something fun in bright red, and then I saw the bag Lindsay Lohan is carrying in the attached pic. I love it - probably because it's a frame bag and has a vintage-y look to it. I thought "How will I find this bag?" and then realized I knew just who to ask! Would anyone be able to help with a guess or a positive ID on what designer it is? Thanks a million for reading and for your help!
  2. I don't know who the designer is, sorry! but it is pretty!
  3. it's prada
  4. Definitely a Prada. $1490 at Neiman's.

  5. yup.. prada for sure
  6. Wow, that was fast! Thank you very much for your expertise, raj, hysteric and lushk. Glad to hear you like the bag too, Kimmi.
  7. In fact, I saw that Prada bag (in black) the other day at Neiman's. It's big, but I really liked it!
  8. Thanks, Cosmo. Good to hear that it looks nice in person, too. I suppose black would be more practical, but I'm so taken with that red...
  9. Prada.jpg
  10. I love the color of the green one, but the style of the other better.
  11. Now that i see it carried its nice. but i'm not a fan of Prada bags!
  12. That bag is very cute!! I love the black one(and the cream one, and the red one.) Très chic!
  13. Ooohhh, I really like thr green one:smile:
  14. LL is crazy, but her handbag collection is divine
  15. I love this bag!