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  1. I purchased Lindsay bag in espresso color the other day. I love the leather and all the detailing of the bag. I have not taken the tag off. Anyone who has this bag could you please share your thoughts? Do you still like it? How's the wear and tear of this bag? Does it really scratches easily? TIA Here's a few photos. Sorry for my dirty mirror.
  2. I have a teal Lindsay, and I truly :heart: her. I've been using her everyday for work since I got her. The only thing that bothers me is that she's sorta wide, so one strap likes to pop off my shoulder. I just wear one strap over the other to prevent that from happening so often. LOVE the leather (no scratches yet!). LOVE the detailing. LOVE the compartments. LOVE the comfy straps. If she were thinner, in width, so my arm doesn't stick out when I'm wearing her...she'd be perfect :love:. Oh, and the turnlock is getting a little scratched up from when I open and close the front compartment...which is odd, since I've only had her for a few weeks. Other than that...LOVE her! HTH!
  3. I agree w/vivi 100%! It a beautiful, classic bag - probably one of my favorites ever, lookswise. The straps do slip alot which does get annoying, and I also would prefer that it wasnt as bulky under my arm, but I can live with it. I just wont ever carry it again for a full day of shopping! I have the Petrol and havent noticed any scratching at all, and I love the two zippered sections in the main part of the bag - that definitely helps to distribute the weight. I saw the espresso when I got my Petrol, and its really gorgeous.
  4. That's what I'm worried about this bag. When I removed the stuffing on this bag I was affraid that it will collapsed. There's not much structure on this bag. I'm still debating if I'm keeping it or returning. I returned my Heritage Stripe Satchel and I'm regretting it so much.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Take care.
  5. I wouldnt think it would collapse, but I do think this bag works better with stuff inside. I just put my wallet, keys, etc in one zippered section, and my wristlet w/makeup, mini skinny w/ipod, etc in the other compartment - just to try to even both sides out. I dont even have anything in the various zippered pockets except for some receipts and stuff in the inside back one. It holds its shape nicely that way. But if you are questioning it, and dont think you will use it, then its not worth keeping. Try your stuff in it and see how it works, though, before you return it.
  6. She is a keeper, I got one in Esspresso, thanks to the help of some wonderful TPF's, When my mom and sister saw Lindsay, they were also on the hunt. (They found 2 more), I had also picked up a grey one for my girlfriend. THey are both beautiful. Now that I think of it, I should have gotten a gray one since i have so many brownbags. But then again, the esspresso looks so rich with the gold hardware. and a $800 bag for $280... what to compalin about? LOL.. Although,,, I only carry her to work, where she sits most of the time on my desk. I would never take her shopping, or out to the movies.... My are would get tired, and I wouldn't want to rest her on the ICKY movie hall floor.
  7. I have both the teal and the expresso right now. I know I will most likely keep the teal. BUT I sure would like to have both colors!! The expresso is just TDF. Such a rich brown, and with the hardware it looks so elegant. I think it looks GREAT on you. I haven't taken mine out yet, but the leather alone is worth having one. It is just incredible leather. It is a little heavy, and a bit awkward under the arm, but not that bad. I say keep her...:tup:
  8. I have the teal one no scratches on the leather. I have been carrying it for about 10 days. The color is amazing. I usually switch back to my LV's but she just so dang cool. I haven't switched back. I have a medium purseket on one side for extra pockets and she is a dream so far. Now I did take her shopping form 10am until 9pm she did get a bit heavy. but she sure gots lots of looks. I would love one in petrol and espresso too LOL
  9. We were in FL and went to Ellenton the day after Christmas. Got there when it opened up at was empty. Went back that afternoon and there was a line outside (60+) and one went in when one came out!!! Back to the morning, I found teal Lindsay $251.99 and Lg black leather Carly $235.99 + Uncle Sam. Called my outlet in TN and they held gray Lindsay and espresso Lindsay $251.99 + tax. At this price, I couldn't resist! They are classic bags. When I carry them I put my wallet and checkbook on the side with cellphone, etc. Other side with zip pocket I put tissues, brush, etc. I find Linsay holds its shape well. Also, one day we were out and it started raining...I paniced! I wiped her down as well as possible but found the leather handles rain just fine. The worst for rain is the Thompson Top Handle...I bought it at FP with PCE when it first came out. Rain destroyed it! It had spots all over it. Fortunately, MGR replaced it (which was very kind!). I decided to lighten up after that and just enjoy my bags...which I do.
  10. I love my teal Lindsay. I was at the doctors office the other day and had to laugh because I looked over at it on the chair and it looked like a carry on bag! It's a very large bag but very classy looking,which is sometimes a hard combination to find.
  11. Thank you all very much for the response. I checked the bag again this morning and the leather and the hardware are just gorgeous. For $280 it's a steal. I'm keeping it. I'm going to use it mainly for work. Anyway thanks once again to everyone.