Lindsay Lou-Final Week 20% Off All Sale Items


    Final Week Summer Clearance

    20% Off All Sales and Clearance Items
    Through August 4th

    Promotion Code: finalweek
  2. Thank you! I love being introduced to these boutiques!

  3. Thanks miss mary....that's sweet of you! I just love searching the web for new boutiques! In doing so, I have found some great sales!!
  4. I'm impressed with your findings! and really appreciate it too!
  5. How did u find this one?! Thanks.
  6. Thank for the info.
  7. Honestly, I can't remember what I was searching for when I stumbled upon this site. But ,whenever I do find a new store, I always sign up for their newsletter. Whenever I find a store that carries something that I want to purchase, I write to them to inquire about promotional codes or I ask if they will match Revolve Clothing's new customer discount!!
    Can't blame a girl for trying. Most of the responses I receive are positive... they may not offer the 30%, but more often than not they go as high as 20%!! And, of course, I post it for others to take advantage of.

  8. You're welcome. Hopefully, you'll find something you really like!
  9. Oh I love this store.. I use to live in Scottsdale, AZ .. my mom still does but its such a cute store, they really get cute stuff!