Lindsay Lohan's mom

  1. "While at G-Spa in NY Lindsay Lohan's Mom Dina and a lady friend hogged the only bathroom stall as a party goer waited 15 minutes to get inside. She asked them to hurry up and when Dina opened the door she asked for her name. The woman didn't understand why it was relevant since all she wanted to do was use the toilet.

    Dina then went on to say how she could get anyone fired if she so pleased. She scolded the bathroom attendant for not stopping the intrusion sooner before handing her over a nice bundle of cash.

    Dina said: "Lindsay Lohan is my daughter. I'll be at P.M. next week if you want to come by and say hello."

    Meanwhile Lindsay aka "Hungry Man Eater" was spotted holding hands and kissing "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner at Dime in L.A. I suppose his Brazilian model girlfriend Alina Piscau won't be too pleased to hear the news. "

    Do you think that's true?

  2. i dont know if the story is true, but i like lindsays top haha
  3. I can see it...I truly feel her mom needs to grow up. She is running behind/next to LLo all the time and acts like her buddy and not the mom. Hey, who watches LLo sister when mom is running around the U.S.?
  4. I feel bad for Lilo's sister, she's living in her sister's shadow...

    I don't think that would be true, no way she knows that gossip will get out and wouldn't do something as mean as that. people exaggerate too much
  5. Her mom is pretty thou
  6. I feel bad for Lindsay. Her family is such white trash, it's painful to hear stories about them. Her parents only care about how much of her money then can spend, not about her well being.
  7. I saw a show on them though and it said Lindsay made her up like that because she drags her along and she doesnt want her mom looking like crap if theyre going to be seen together all the time. Then again, its not like Dina's complaining right? Being "made up" and dragged around or not - it does seem to me that Dina needs to grow up.