Lindsay Lohan's Gucci bag

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  1. I do not like LL as an actress but she has got a super sense for fashion. I used to like also Jessica Simpson for the same reason, but Lindsay usually carries much more beautiful bags than Jessica. She has recently been seen with this Gucci Medium Boston bag. Isn't it gorgeous?
    And do you like her new dark hair colour? I think she is nicer like this than blonde.

    The bag is 760 $.

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  2. Anyone will look fabulous with a stylist, and given couture clothes for free!But, I Love the bag! Of course I love Gucci, can't go wrong with it!:biggrin:
  3. Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have the same stylist (Rachel Zoe), they wear more or less the same clothes and accessories but they have a completely different attitude towards fashion: I am convinced Lindsay has a great sense of style, while Nicole always has the same look, she doesn't like to experiment with her own image (weight apart). These celebrities are lucky because they have a stylist and clothes for free, but sometimes that is not enough to look good.
  4. LiLo is always sporting new bags. I have seen that Gucci bag lately and I think it is a great everyday bag.

    Like you said Superqueen- I would love to have a stylist. Just for one day even!
  5. I dont like the bag. It reminds me of a bag that my mother used to carry back in the 80s :sick:
    But to each its own. Rock it with confidence
  6. I prefer Dior's Vintage Jacquard Boston Bag... it's a little cheaper too. Only $625! Does anyone know where I can get the red/maroon/burgandy (not sure what the actual color is) colored one though? Eluxury only has it in Navy and Black.
  7. Jade green...I love jade green!!!
  8. Wouldn't it be even more fun to be a stylist ? You'd be able dress people up all day, and carry off the extras or reap the benefits of buying for so many celebs by being on every design houses' VIP list ! :nuts:
  9. Ayla, you are right: I would prefer to be a stylist rather than a celebrity. If one loves fashion (like I do), being a stylist is a big fun.
  10. I like LL's bag - I hate her hair. Most of it isn't real, so I don't know why it looks so shabby.
  11. my mum bought the same purse.. i luuuuurve it!
  12. Her bag looks more vintage though doesn't it?
  13. Yea it does. It might've been one of the LJ handbag commuities or but a couple people have deemed that her bag is a vintage.
  14. I LOVE all of LiLo bags!!!! she's so lucky to have such a great collection!
  15. It definitely looks like a vintage bag. My grandmother has a few vintage Gucci bags, and it looks almost identical to the one that she still lovingly uses.