Lindsay Lohan's Gucci Bag - US Weekly 1/9/06

  1. I absolutely LOVE this bag!!! But can't seem to find any info on it from the Gucci website or eBay! Does anyone know what model it is? Is it vintage or relatively new??? Please help!
  2. If you don't get the answer here, try emailing or calling someone at Gucci. I'll bet they're getting plenty of calls about it.
  3. oops, forgot to upload the pic
  4. If I'm thinking of the same picture, it's definitely vintage.

    *oops* the picture I thought you were talking about was a doctor bag, but this one looks vintage also.
  5. OT- but why does her little sister always have some weird look on her face in every picture? I don't think i've ever seen her just smile.
  6. what does "OT" mean? sorry, this is my 2nd time posting on a board. ;p
  7. OT = off topic :smile:

    Cute bag! Linds needs to work on her posture.
  8. It's definitely grandmother has almost the same exact bag. I think you might have some luck if you watch eBay for a bit.
  9. I'm thinking vintage as well. I *think* I've seen her in another pic w/ it and the description said vintage.