Lindsay Lohan's Car Crash Parts for sale on ebay!

  1. What I wanna know is. How can someone be sure that this comes from her car?? I mean any idiot can pick up junk off the street and call it "what it wants"

    But why in the hell would anyone wanna spend $50k on this junk?

    This reminds me of when Brittney Spears gum went for sale on eBay too! What the hell are people thinking when they bid on junk like this!
  2. O and can I add that they don't even have the goods!!!!!!
  3. silly indeed.
    very silly
  4. I dont get it either!
    It's not like broken pieces of glass are worth $50,000.. I mean, what will the buyer do with it? Display it on their mantle for their visitors to awe at??
  5. 2 losers bid on this!
  6. OMG!
  7. It has bids!
  8. I can't believe that guy is getting 50k for this junk!!!
  9. I can't believe this!Oh no!