Lindsay Lohan's Bag Found!!!!!!

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    (CBS/AP) Lindsay Lohan's handbag has been found, but nothing's being said about the $1 million worth of jewelry that was supposedly inside when she lost it.

    The bag disappeared from a luggage cart at London's Heathrow Airport, but British police say someone called to report finding the bag, and brought it in.

    But just what was inside it when it vanished? Those who know are tight-lipped.

    The police will say only that they believe it "contained a quantity of jewelry" when lost. According to Lohan's spokeswoman, the bag had jewelry and asthma medicine.

    Access Hollywood reported Friday evening that the bag contained all of its original contents when a paparazzo returned it to the actress. It was not known how he came into possession of it in the first place.

    Us Weekly magazine's Web site reported that cash, the actress' passport and a cashmere sweater were in the bag.

    The Web site reports the jewels are worth $1 million, and the site has pictures of Lohan in tears. It says the photos were taken after the loss.

    "She is begging for the return of the items," Sloane told TV's "The Insider" after the bag was stolen. "She doesn't care how she gets them back; she just wants her stuff back."

    According to the police report filed at Scotland Yard, Lohan noticed the bag was missing as she was heading out of Heathrow Airport's Terminal One.

    Lohan traveled to London from Italy, where she was promoting her latest film, "Bobby," at the Venice Film Festival.

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