Lindsay Lohan

  1. can someone please tell me what is wrong with Lindsay Lohan? Why is everyone bagging her out?? She's a normal actress and a great singer.. sure her life is not one many may look up to but tabloids exaggerate .. they make things worse.. No one CAN deny Lindsay has talent .. all her movies banked up pretty well in the box office .. I think herbie was her highest grossing movie at 144 million worldwide.. shes the most bankable teen actress , she's got a great voice that sells , shes always on magazine covers left right and centre and this year shes just won the kids choice best actress awards. I really do like her .. shes something the industry needs , shes just become a fashion icon and she lives her life the way she wants .. not trying to act all goody goody. There must be something she done right because shes always on magazine covers and sure just my luck bombed but compared to other movies it was great .. I really like Lindsay and I'm not exactly a teenager . I love her style. She carries it well. Shes great looking. She can act , look at mean girls or a praire in home companion. She has the talent and the it factor. Its just the paps making her look slutty
  2. Sorry .. but I know there are a lot of Lindsay fans out there.. so this is for them .. to share pictures and stuff .. if you hate Lindsay please just don't get all violent. Lindsay is a human. She sold great at the box office. She's done platinums with her albums. Won awards and always appears in magazines. She has the factor ... so please spill if you like her because I adore her :heart:
  3. Just because she is bankable doesn't mean she is talented. I personally don't think she is talentless, but IMO she is over-rated. If I had a daughter, I sure as hell wouldn't want her to have LiLo as a role model.
  4. I love Lindsay as an actress...she does have talent. Even the older wiser A-list actors she worked w/ have said that. But, not all people she works w/ like the things she does after partying all night & coming into work late or calling out sick. They've said whenever she shows late they have to hold productions later & they have to pay overtime to everyone that was there ontime so it's like $118,000 or something like that to everyone. I'm not hating on her...I admit I love every movie she's ever been in! And she is gorgeous!</I>
  5. ^^^Sounds like a spoiled, *****y brat.
  6. lol! Kristina, I wouldn't expect more than a few people here to say nice things about ol Lindsay.
  7. Just my humble opinion. . .
    but I personally don't think she's all that taleted.
    I also think she's kind of homely, not an attractive girl at all.
    She is really wreckless w/ other people's money/budgets - check out the letter from the head's of the current movie she's working on.
    One actor told her she's ruining his life because he goes to work, waits all day for her {missing his son's little league/school activities} then she never shows and everyone gets sent home.

    She's been public about wanting to get with competition's boyfriends.
    Graffitied a bathroom wall talking smack about Scarlett Johnassen. . .
    I could go on. . . but I only spilled the beans because you asked.
  8. I like lindsay. I think she's sooo cute!
  9. I like her movies. I don't care what she does because it's not my business. If she wants to be late, and people still hire her, then tht's their problem.
  10. I think Lindsay was better when she was younger. She has turned into a spoiled brat. If you are given a call time, you be on time. You don't make everyone wait like that. That's her job. I think that Hollywood has corrupt her, and she should leave the business before it leaves her.
  11. That's just a bad attitude to have.
  12. The way she's going she'll end up a cracked out haspin. So I don't think that should be anybody's role model.

    As for her acting, she can only act like a spoiled teenage brat, I have yet to see anything else. That's not talent, that's just playing yourself, over and over again.
  13. Wait a minute ? She SINGS ? are you serious ? I must be living under a rock !

    Average looking , spoiled , brat . She acts like trailer trash half the time .
  14. There is a certain responsibility that comes with being famous. A lot of actresses act indignant and say, "but it is my life, I should be able to spend it the way I want to." Actually, no, you don't. When you are out drinking, snorting drugs, and starving yourself on our dime ($$ earned from the public's spending on movies and music) you have to be a good role model to our children. If and when you do these things without the assistance of our money then you can do what you want.

    Of course, there are some things that stars do have rights to. And that is their privacy. However, when you are making an ass of yourself in public you can't complain about having no privacy.

    In turns of "bankability" equally talent I don't agree. Paris Hilton is bankable (because tabloids make so much $$$ from her) but the only talent she has is being famous for doing nothing.

    Reese that is someone to be a fan of!
  15. Lindsay's another celebrity who is famous not because of any perceived 'talent' ("great singer"? but because of what she does when she is NOT at work.

    Just as with any other occupation, she shows enormous disrespect and immaturity by not arriving to work on time.

    She can only coast on her celebrity for so long. It's actual talent and work ethic that make for longevity in the business.