Lindsay Lohan

  1. [​IMG]
    What happened to her?
  2. she laid off the crack.... go LiLo!
  3. Has she had implants? The second picture looks like she did, but the first one doesn't. Could be the top though......
  4. Please tell me that second pic is a very recent one. She looks SO much better!
  5. The second one has to be photoshopped.
  6. ^why?
  7. Her boobs are totally huge! She didn't gain that much weight to make them that big again. Definatley implants or photoshopped.
  8. Well, her boobs were big before she went all crazy skinny & her boobs disappeared. Now it appears she has gained her weight back so it would make sense her boobs would now be bigger again.
  9. i love her still :P
  10. Nah, I've got the amazing fluctuating boobs, too. When I was her age they'd change by about a cup size or so throughout the month with my hormone levels (esp. when I was on a tri-cyclic contraceptive pill) and weight. They're not fake, just, uh, variable. I have a feeling that when she lost them along with the rest of her fat, it was a sign of just how unhealthy she was. Now that she's gaining weight, her bits are going back to the way her genes intended.
  11. I wish my boobs would get bigger. My legs and stomach are the only things that grow when I gain weight.
  12. ha ha ha nikki, i agreed, i'm 5'4" and 85 pounds. and i still have big tummy... i really need to exercise :P
  13. [​IMG]
  14. seriously my sister got the good genes in the family, I guess I have my good points too though. Just not her DD's!
  15. Good Job Lindsay!! :smile: