Lindsay Lohan - The GQ Photoshoot !

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  2. She takes great pictures but it looks like she is trying really hard to look sexy. Why is arm bandaged again?
  3. ^^^ita she's a great model..luv the pic with the red bull
  4. OMG she looks stunning ...

    vbskull .. good eye
  5. She looks great
  6. Mmmm trampy.
  7. She looks great! I'm not her biggest fan but I think she looks really pretty in those pics!
  8. :yes:
  9. :roflmfao: :yes:
  10. shes too cute
  11. Looks like she's trying to hard to be sexy.
  12. it looks like a terry richardson shoot, is it? the setting looks like it's in someone's appartment and they just pulled in a couple of props against a white wall. really cheap in every aspect, as a production as as an aesthetic.
  13. Lindsay photographs very well! And she looks good! But hasn't she done this sort of thing already? The sexy vixen poses! She must love that!
  14. I noticed that too. I wonder if she self abuses (is a cutter?) I heard some speculation about this before she went to Rehab..:shrugs: