Lindsay Lohan stole from Louis Vuitton!


    Lindsay Lohan had a photo shoot with Elle magazine two months ago, and apparently stole a bunch of stuff from Louis Vuitton. She was once considered to be the new face of the company, but now they won’t even lend her clothes. A source tells Page Six:
    “Louis Vuitton had sent by some samples for her to wear in the shoot. Lindsay [at right, in a shot with a stuffed tiger from the September issue], kept shoving the clothes into her bag, and a stylist’s assistant kept getting them out of the bag, only to have Lindsay keep trying to take them. She ended up walking off with a very expensive shirt and some other items - which screwed Louis Vuitton considering they were set to go to Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar for other shoots. They were furious and kept trying to get their clothes back, but … Lindsay walked out with them and never returned calls.”
    that sounds precisely like something Lindsay Lohan would do. She basically does whatever the hell she wants. You know how in movies when somebody is about to invent a decision and a satan and angel pop up on their shoulders? Well for Lindsay it would be two confused goats. They wouldn’t even give her any advice. They’d just show up, chew some grass, and Lindsay would end up doing whatever the hell she wanted. whether the thought ever popped into her head, I have no doubt in my mind she’d punch a baby in the face.
    Original post by Suzi

    What is with celebs walking off with "free" loot? First the whole Britney OK shoot and now this?!? Come on! I know you can afford it! :cursing:
  2. That is so crazy. All they have to do is file a police report and they can get their stuff back. Celebs are going crazy these days.
  3. Great - just add days onto a prison sentence for theft and get her out of her faces for a little while.

    God these girls are really getting my goat now - Britney, Paris and Lindsey - they exist why????
  4. What a loser. Who does she think she is - she hasn't even had a decent film for a few years. :rolleyes:
  5. I didn't know she HAD had a decent film! I don't know anything she was in.

  6. Hey Frankie,
    this is really not true!!!
    You forget Herbie ;)
  7. How do these celebrities have the face to steal? I dont get it, they know its going to get in the tabloids and what not. Plus they can afford the stuff - not only that if they asked they could probably even get a lot of it for free!
  8. It must be related to what seems like her egomaniac entitlement complex. You know, I'm a celebrity & I can do anything I want.
  9. I hate celebs when they get free **** or steal .... I'm so done with them... you would think they have enough money why give them free stuff so they don't have to spend any of their millions? They're all greedy!

  10. :nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. ^ Lol, I LOVE that part!!!! She's such an idiot. To think I actually had some hope for her when she was doing so well in rehab.
  12. Yeah.....I laughed out loud at that part, too! Like the AFLAC goat!!!! Funny!!!
  13. Some celebs feel they are entitled to the items they are wearing or whatever it is they are doing for the companies.

    I think stealing is tacky.
  14. HAHAHA -- LOVED the goats!! :roflmfao:
  15. all she needs it kids and she could be like brit. what a looser. why do they feel like they are entitled to free things. they are rich and afford to purchased, they don't need to steal.