Lindsay Lohan Still In Rehab, Tests Positive For Coke

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    Lindsay Lohan's planned release from the Cirque Lodge rehab clinic has been blocked after she reportedly tested positive for cocaine, NW magazine reports. It's also been alleged that the star has smelled of booze on several occasions. The troubled actress was supposed to have completed her stay at the Cirque Lodge rehab clinic in Sundance, Utah, last week after nearly two months of intensive therapy. Insiders say cocaine isn't the only drug she's taken during her time at the facility, with the actress said to have mixed diet pills with anti-anxiety medication in a bid to get a high.
    "I think she'll take whatever pills they allow her," says an insider. "It's obvious to me she's high because she acts loopy and can't seem to walk in a straight line!"

  2. So sad.
  3. wow that is sad. To think that people are giving her these things while in rehab!
  4. Okay....enough is enough....I have no sympathy for this idiot anymore.
  5. is that a reputable source?
  6. I don't think I'm gonna believe this one just yet. I know she has a history of F**king up, but I'll wait for more reports.
  7. Have you dealt with a family member or close friend in the throes of hard drug addiction (coke, crack, meth)?
  8. ^I have:yes:
    If this IS true then the courts are equally responsible, they pretty much let her right off the hook this time.

    This girl deserved to be in jail this time around, not her 3rd or 4th round of rehab in 9 months.
  9. Yes as a matter of fact I have.

    Both my mother and father are drug addicts. I have an alcoholic aunt, a drug addicted uncle and an alcoholic/drug addicted cousin.

    At some point people need to take responsibility for their actions.

  10. agreed
  11. It's hard to beat addiction. Kate Moss went to rehab after those photos, do you guys actually believe she is clean now?
  12. not really :s
  13. I really hope it's not true
  14. I don't believe this story. If you go and read the entire story you'll see that the rest is just an attack against her. I have never understood why people put so much energy into hating people they will most likely never meet. Has she screwed up? Yes. Do I wish she would die? No.
  15. gosh, "if" true, thats pretty shocking! What hope is there in the outside world, if she is high in rehab? :sad:
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