Lindsay Lohan - Shopping for Handcuffs (11/26/06)

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  2. It is all a lie. She has never even been in the same room with any handcuffs. She is just trying to act in those photos and people lie about everything. When she finds out how all these jealous people are trying to hate on her like this she will have to call another press conference!
  3. :shrugs: idk but she's really starting to act scary
  4. I like her skirt!
    I am trying to be nice but in reality I really liked Lindsey before but now I agree with those who think she is a whack job!!
  5. And she clearly wanted EVERYONE to see her buying them!
  6. I like her bag. Is that bag leather? I have not seen the white Miu Miu coffer.
  7. ITA, what happened...can we just go back to parent trap???
  8. i know its sad bc she really has or had talent
  9. i used to like her before too.. but anymore
  10. michael jackson anyone?
  11. Yes, Yes, Yes :yes: The entire Lohan family is unbalanced.
  12. I didn't care for the Parent Trap remake.
    Lindsay is no Hayley Mills.
  13. does anyone know the name of that bag she is carrying??
    love it. her...not so much.
  14. Promos for tonight's E! News threaten to show Lindsay's mom speaking on the latest rumors that the ex-blonde has joined AA.
  15. :yes: :yes: