Lindsay Lohan pregnancy rumors... and you thought it couldn't get any worse!

  1. Lindsay Lohan Pregnancy Rumors Hit
    By Jennifer Cox
    Aug 8, 2007

    Lindsay Lohan may be in hiding but the speculation surround LiLo continues. OK! Magazine is reporting in this week's issue that dwindling movie ticket sales and re-entering rehab for the third time may not be Lindsay’s biggest dilemma. Friends' of the troubled star believe she may be pregnant.

    Lindsay Lohan Pregnancy Rumors Hit

    Britney Spears part two? The magazine notes that It wouldn't be the 21-year-old star’s first pregnancy scare. In January 2006, photos revealed a Lohan family friend toting a plastic bag containing a visible pregnancy test into a Miami hospital where Lindsay was being treated (though the Lohans denied that the kit was specifically for her).


    An online tease gives this chance for a double entendre. Lindsay’s friends have promised to rally around her as she struggles through this difficult period. (While waiting for her period?).

    Her career may be in shambles as well. The Hollywood Reporter named her movie "I know Who Killed Me" one of the worst of 2007 and it bombed at the box office. And after two relapses, she may be uninsurable for future projects. Robert Downey Jr. could only return to work after his drug troubles when his pal Mel Gibson personally insured him for the film he was producing, The Singing Detective.
  2. I wonder if Lindsay is really done for good, or if the media and public will accept and forgive her as quickly as they did Kate Moss.

    Only time will tell I suppose. I personally have lost all/any respect I had for her.
  3. Considering Paris, Lindsay and Nicole must all follow each other. One goes to jail for a dui they all end up with dui's...Nicole is pregnant so one of them is bound to be following her soon :p
  4. Well I suppose it keeps her in the public eye and as they say "the only time news is bad is when it DOESN'T involve you!".

    Personally, I wish she would go away!
  5. I guess this is the cool thing to do in hollywood, drugs, DUI, arrest, pregnancy
  6. I totally agree with you

  7. ^^^ I totally agree. I don't have any respect for her and I think that would be really a shame if everybody forgot about all her scandals and I hope they won't.
  8. Wow.. I really hope not - with the amount of partying and associated substances, that really can't be the best for any potential baby.
  9. OMG, she is so out of control. Will anything help her? Do other people think her mom is part of the problem?
  10. ^^^ Apart of me feels like it is part of her mom's problem. But another part of me feels that this all Lindsay's problem. I guess she has gotten tooo much tooo soon and lost all self-control.
  11. To be honest, I am just waiting for the fresh bunch of young stars to come out, I just hope they have watched the downfall of some of the current ones, brit, Lindsay etc.
    As for her being with child, I wish her well though. If she is of course!lol!x
  12. Imo, Lilo is the type to just have an abortion and not give it a second thought if she were pregnant. So even if she is, we will never know for sure.

    From what I can see this girl has no regard for others and it's all about Me, Me, Me. A baby would cramp her style.
  13. I wonder what her mommy thinks..
  14. Oh god I hope it isn't true.
  15. I hope not for the potential baby's sake.