Lindsay Lohan New Face of Chanel

  1. that is the rumor i am hearing. she did say she was working with Karl , I guess she and selma blair are giving a younger look to the classic company
  2. I'm sure Selma Blair is going to be the face for Chanel in the next s/s season, but I haven't heard anything about LiLo so far...
  3. If that's true, I think Karl needs to take a break from his horse-piss's affecting his judgement. Lindsay's cute and all, but I don't think she has that "classy" image that usually defines Chanel. Selma Blair I'm still on the fence about.
  4. What's worse Lohan for Chanel or Lil' Kim for Vuitton?

    I know they are trying to get younger people to notice their brand and become long-term buyers. But c'mon - there are plenty of younger faces who are more appropriate.
  5. You have to be kidding. :blink:
  6. [​IMG]

    Was she ever an official model for Vuitton, or did she just take this picture for fun? I'm not sure.
  7. Isn't she in jail right now?
  8. Just recently she was incarcerated. This picture is from a couple years ago.
  9. she was never a model, that's a Dave LaChapelle (love him) photo that i think appeared in a magazine. it was just for fun.
  10. I'm surprised. Karl doesn't seem to have great affection for Hollywood's young starlets so this decision is quite baffling.
  11. Yikes! I can understand LV hiring Uma(imo she fits LV because she is classy). But Lohan for chanel?? She is so not chanel. What's next? Tara Reid modeling for Prada?:sick:
  12. I consider Uma to be a natural choice - she's tall, gorgeous, classy and she appeals to the target group of women who buy Vuitton.

    Lohan doesn't equal luxury for me. She's just some teeny bopper actress who may or may not have a boob job, and clearly does drugs. In two years she will be on the same level as Tara Reid.

    If these companies are going for someone younger, they might want to try Scarlett Johanssen, Kiera Knightley, or even Katie Holmes.

    Or what the hell - why not use women who are in the same age group as their customers? Renee Russo needs to get some work!
  13. I like your choices for the younger actress but I would also add Reese Witherspoon.