Lindsay Lohan Jeans

  1. [​IMG]
    Does anyone please know what kind of jeans (brand..) shes wearing??
  2. I don't know but I like the hermes belt.......sorry
  3. Looks like True Religion to me. But this girl has the ability of making everything she wears trashy.
  4. I don't think those are TRs...Stitching are not big enough and the pockets are not the same.
  5. I don't know maybe they are so vintage jeans?? Those front pockets look weird maybe its like 1990 Jordache lol or whatever.
  6. Maybe it could be Taverniti So
  7. Oh Thanks God! When I red the post I thought oh no Hohan is putting out a jeans line! lmao!

    Sorry though I don't know what the jeans are!