Lindsay Lohan is OFFICIALLY the New Face of LV

  1. I attached the pic :biggrin:
  2. I can't say I am excited. What happened to Giselle?
  3. I really like Lindsay, so can't say that I really mind
  4. I'm not too excited about it as well.. but really, does it really matter? I'm just hoping that LV stop their price increases :P
  5. I'm not too excited either, but all in all I don't mind who's on the ads... it's not the ads that get me buy something anyway :amuse:
  6. Ditto :lol:
  7. I am so NOT impressed!
  8. Ditto....didn't she used to model for Dooney??
  9. hmmm...i guess if the pics are nice, it wouldn't be too bad.
  10. I think it's bad, very very very bad. I can't stand that b##*#h!
    Go back to rehab, model for Kmart but not LV! Unfortunately, I don't think we'll stop buying LV's b/c of this.....what a shame LV!
  11. No comment. But my eyes will still be going straight to the LV PURSES. No need to see "who" is posing near/by/with them, right ladies? : )
  12. Awk, why why why??? :sick::cry:
  13. I like Lindsay and I buy the product regardless of who models.
  14. Bad choice - It'll be a bad influence for her younger audience - now 14-16 year olds are going to INSIST on having Louis Vuitton just because she's a part of it..
  15. keepall boy... I think 14-16 years old these days are already insisting on having LV bags...

    what is the world coming to =P
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