Lindsay Lohan in LV ads ...

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  1. I remember reading a thread here about the possibility of Lindsay Lohan in upcoming LV ads. I guess it's official ...

    Lohan Named New Face of Louis Vuitton

    Lindsay Lohan is set to replace model Gisele Bundchen as the face of Louis Vuitton.
    The label's head designer, Marc Jacobs, has asked the actress to pose for the Autumn/Winter 2006-07 collection.
    The star will follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and Uma Thurman, who have also represented the company.
    A source tells Us Weekly magazine, "She just got asked to be in the ads. She's going to say yes."
    Lohan is a long-time fan of the company and is "extremely excited" according to the source.
    The move has raised fashionista eyebrows, as some insiders believe the 19-year-old isn't sophisticated enough to represent the prestigious fashion house.
    Jacobs has stated that he wants his next ad campaign to be young and "cartoony."
  2. A prestigous company like LV shouldn't allow chickenheads like Lindsay Lohan to represent their ad campaigns. I think this messes up the brand. Uggh! Who is next? The queen of qwack-qwacks, Paris Hilton?:evil:
  3. i really wish companies like Louis Vuitton would stick with models and more classic beauties so to speak.. and not just go for the gossip mags "it" girl of the moment. that's really disappointing
  4. i seriously think we should all write angry emails to LV.
  5. Ugh! This sucks. LiLo is so unclassy. She is just glorified Hollywood trash. I will def be writing an angry email to LV. I think I'll pass on my speedy purchase and just get something else (dh has agreed to letting me buy a new bag this summer). I don't want to reward them for having that skank in their ads.
  6. Bummer.. she would not be my top choice, but hey, maybe they can still make it work.
  7. I think that she's a really bad choice, but because of how she acts.

    Personally, I think she looks amazing all dolled up in photoshoots. I bet the ads will be beautiful, but I'll be turned off because they're Lindsay.
  8. Wait a minute. I thought I read in another thread that Lindsay was going to be the new face for Chanel. I am confused!:wacko:
  9. WOW...Lindsay Lohan? I mean, she was perfect for Dooney & Bourke's hearts and charms line because they were aimed for teenagers. But LV??? I'd write an angry e-mail to them, too.

    I loved it when they had Uma in their ads. I liked J.LO, too. What did you guys think of the ads with Scarlett Johansson? She's close in age to Lindsay but MUCH classier than her!!! Marc Jacobs made a mistake...
  10. It WILL be "cartoony" alright! But I guess if that's what he wants...
  11. Wha? Just when the whole forum was protesting her Chanel rumors (was it Chanel? I'm too lazy to look back :/), now this LV thing? Crazy! I don't know much about Chanel or LV, but if it was a simple question of 'class', yeah definitely not Lindsay.

    I'm really disappointed in her. Do you guys remember The Parent Trap movie she made? When that came out at least I didn't think badly of her (my older brother even called her cute), but now. . .she's been sucked into the whole distorted world of Hollywood and I just can't respect her anymore (and neither can my brother) :[

    PS. likeafeather77 -- I thought Scarlett looked amazing in those ads too! I only saw the one of her lying down, are there more?
  12. That just means more little girls will be toting around fake LVs trying to copy Lilo!
  13. ugh, true.

    i always thought of lv as a generally classy brand but lindsay doesn't really say classy to know? they could definitely find someone better!
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  15. Have to agree here. I just don't think it fits the image and brand history of LV. I understand they may want to appeal to a different market segment but I'm not to sure about this choice.