lindsay lohan immortalized with a white paddington!

  1. [​IMG]


    that's got to be fake right? and i mean the bag, i already know she's fake. :lol:
  2. wow! thats cool.
  3. I guess I can safely say I am the only one that likes Lindsey!

    I think she is cute. Remember Hollywood is a tough place to live in the spotlight.

    We all have our fair share of mistakes, no one is perfect;)
  4. MKP, I like her too! Some things she does is a little out there, but i do like her.
  5. I like her as well, most of the time. I would KILL for her handbag collection!
  6. Sorry.. but I'm not that big a fan of Lindsay. I mean, I think she's alright but some things are really stupid about her.
  7. She's cute.. but not someone I'd imagine immortalized in wax amongst the likes of Princess Diana, Oprah, the Beatles, and Einstein.
  8. WOW! Gorgeous wax bag...

    I think they made her look older though?
    The first shot looks like a brunette and very tanned Marcia Cross (on Desperate Housewives)
  9. Whyyyy? lol
    There's no accounting for taste. ;)
  10. the lill girl is hilarious..^^
  11. LOL indeed. Kinda creepy.
  12. that's a waxed bag? whooa, skills!

    WOW i thought those were actual pics of lilo looking weird...
  13. the bag isn't wax!!! *LOL*
    her clothes aren't either.
  14. She is cute and I still want to raid her closet. She has everything, practically ever hot bag!
  15. lol Thats creepy, but the LOL on top of the little girl had me rollin'.