Lindsay Lohan " I know who killed my career"

  1. She killer her career, its all about taking control of your life and being accountable for your actions.

    She isnt the first teenage star in H/W and she's not going to be the last. So many more have control over their lives and are accountable for what they do and who they hang with.
    Its about being mature and having the balls to say no, even in hollywood. She's obviously a follower and not a leader.
  2. wow...that is realy funny but also really sad...I really liked LL before she let herself go and I hope she can get her stuff together again...I guess we will all have to see but the odds of that I feel are getting smaller and smaller...
  3. The bit at the end is the best. With the parents she had poor girl didn't have a chance.
  4. She certainly makes it hard to feel sorry for her -- anyone see Rob Schneider on the Tonight Show filling in for her? Hilarious!
  5. She has done this to herself. Everyone needs to take some control of their lives. Just sad.
  6. It is truly sad....she really needs to wake up! At the very least...have a good time and party, but hire a driver!!! I mean I totally understand the urge to get drunk & have fun (most of us have been there)...but never ever drive under the influence!
    She's only been caught many other times has she done it!
  7. It is a very sad situtation...Money, talent, good looking and a drinking problem. She was lucky she had the first three as most people don't have those. She should take advantage of her lucky star while she still has time to reverse the damage she has done. Wonder if she will?
  8. :shrugs:I hope she can get it together.
    Why not just move her out of LA for a while?
  9. wow...hard to believe this is the same little girl in, "the parent trap"......
  10. sorry I have to agree with Megs, at some point everyone must have accountablity for their own actions
  11. i totally agree.
  12. I read in People mag that she is denying that the cocaine found in her pocket is hers. She is a long way from any kind of recovery, IMO.
  13. I think she needs to be accountable now but I also believe that her mom is part of the problem.
  14. This is the part I don't can afford a cab, a limo, a full-time driver, why drive drunk...i.e. Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan. etc?