Lindsay Lohan hospitalized (1/3/2006)

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    Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized

    POSTED: 1:41 pm PST January 3, 2006

    Lindsay Lohan was admitted to a Miami hospital Monday night after suffering a severe asthma attack and is now "resting comfortably," according to People magazine.

    Lindsay celebrated New Year's Eve in Miami, hosting a party at Prive Nightclub.

    The 19-year-old is set to begin shooting her new film, "Chapter 27," in two weeks.

    The movie, about John Lennon's killer Mark David Chapman, stars Lohan as a Lennon fan who befriends Chapman (played by Lohan's once-rumored beau, Jared Leto) just days before he assassinates the musician outside his New York apartment building.

    Sounds like a drug-related hospital visit. She ran out "exhaustion" excuses, so now she has asthma? BTW, I added the date to the post title, because I would put money on her having yet another hospital visit this year.
  2. Humm... I will sympathize with her because I know how scary a severe asthma attack can be. But also, if you do anything to provoke it, then I don't feel just as bad...
  3. Maybe she should consider quitting smoking ... certainly doesn't help you when you have asthma!

    What's with all these celebs and their smoking? The majority of them smoke ... including MK Olsen (like that helped her weight 'problem'), Kristin Dunst ... even Nicole Kidman (which really surprised me). I guess they all figure it prevents them from eating ... really sad if you ask me.
  4. Exchanging your health for a few pounds off your body? So not worth it!
  5. Gee, smoking with asthma -she's even more brilliant that I suspected.
  6. I'll make sure I send her flowers... :sick: :nuts:
  7. In the new Vanity fair she'll let us all know she's had eating disorders and done drugs :P
  8. Llo...never liked her. Even when she was healthy looking. Her acting skills are so-so.