Lindsay Lohan had to fork over $50 000 after losing a Cartier bracelet.

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    The troubled actress misplaced the expensive band she had been loaned by the jewellers while partying in London at the weekend.

    Lindsay - who was in the UK capital to present last week’s World Music Awards - was ordered to pay for the bracelet in full yesterday after a fuming Cartier representative demanded the item was returned.

    A source told The Sun: “Lindsay had been loaned the jewellery in good faith for her presenting job at the World Music Awards. The plan was always for her to return the bracelet after, which seemed to have slipped her mind.”

    "Slipped her mind"? Talk about understatement of the year! The girl is lucky if she manages to throw on a pair of panties on a given day and you're asking her to remember to returns an expensive bracelet??


    Lindsay Lohan leaves Volstead club in the early hours in London, November 19
  2. wow! 50,000 that insane!
  3. I'm just shaking my head--she's so talented, but her life is spiraling downward it seems.
  4. Ok time to do a new movie!
  5. That could buy me every single bag I ever wanted!
  6. If I was wearing a $50,000 bracelet that I borrowed from a jeweler, there would be no way in hell that I would take my eyes off it for second! She must have been piss drunk to lose a valuable item like that.
  7. This girl is always losing and misplacing everything.
  8. im so tired of her and other celebrities thinking that everything they get is a anna nicole smith who kept saying the house in the bahamas was a gift. Why do they think theyre so much better than everyone else that they can get anything they want? Augh...
  9. 50k. i bet she demanded them to give it to her as a gift after she realized she lost it!
  10. i hope she learns her lesson and keep a good eye on the things that she borrows.
  11. Why am I not surprised?

    I saw a show (I can't remember the name of it, it was either on MTV or VH1) about how celebs got free stuff via Award shows, etc...

    They showed Lindsay in the "free goods" room picking out her stuff. The celebs with class only took a few things, didn't go overboard. Lindsay was laughing and trying on ALL the sunglasses. She took THIRTEEN pairs! :wtf:
    That just shows how much class she has. What a wanker.
  12. Oops, can I say w*nker here?
  13. That girl, really needs a reality check! She thinks she is all that! She betetr change if she wants a real career. Damn, 50k is a lot of moolah, I would have bought so many bags!
  14. If she's can misplace her birkin with 1 million in jewelry, why would she care about a measly 50,000 bracelet? Although, this was only two months ago, so you'd think it would take longer to fall back into her absentmindedness and losing pricey items. Guess not.
  15. how can you misplace a bracelet someone loans you, she should know the consequences.