Lindsay Lohan Goes On Beer Run, May Be Booted From Rehab

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    Lindsay Lohan
    is in danger of being kicked out of rehab for breaking the rules. Officials at the Cirque Lodge in Utah have put the party animal on 'corrective action' and given her a drug test after she was accused of having drugs in the facility. An Star Magazine insider says:

    "Lindsay's got her butt in a vise right now. She's in a lot of trouble."

    Since checking into Cirque Lodge earlier this month, Lindsay has acted like a diva who doesn't think rules apply to her. The insider says:

    "Lindsay got called into the director's office on August 15 and was questioned about drugs. When ordered to take a drug test, she reluctantly complied but screamed and cursed at the medical director before storming out the room. She was told that if she couldn't conform to the program she'd have to leave."

    The full story is here

  2. :nogood: I don't understand why she continues to be a disappointment to herself. Why go to a rehab facility and mess up over and over again? She needs to get over herself. Frankly, I'm really sick to my stomach hearing about Lilo and her drug addiction. That's her problem if she wants to waste away in alcohol and drugs.
  3. She's nuts.
  4. you can't get clean unless you want to, and she obviously isn't ready yet.

    i hope she gets ready before it kills her.
  5. exactly! she is just ruining her career.:nogood: what a shame
  6. Exactly, she's gotta want it.
  7. just put her in jail. I think that is the only place that will really help her out and keep her sober.
  8. Its hard to believe, we need to understand that it is the media. She went to Utah to get better, she is young and dosent know whats
    I hope all gets better.
  9. Get over yourself Lindsay!! She's not even that good an actress (or singer). She's just young and hot and that's all that constitutes her "celebrity" status.
  10. ITA. If they don't put her in jail (since rehab/AA meeting attempts have failed numerous times), she will probably end up another young tragic and dead hollywood star. She needs help, QUICK.
  11. I don't think she needs help so much as a reality check.
  12. Good freakin' god almighty. Absolutely!!
  13. I agree, Lindsay has yet to face any consequences of her actions. If she gets off with no jail, it will be another proof to Lindsay that she can do whatever she wants.
  14. Absolutely.

    I get the feeling she doesn't hear the word "No" much.
  15. this girl is going to meet a messy end....

    i hope she can come out the other side of it and have a happy ending VH1 special.