Lindsay Lohan Ditches The Diet

  1. Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is focused on resisting her unhealthy addictions, but she certainly appears to be enjoying other indulgences.

    The actress, wearing a figure hugging purple vest and black shorts, showed off her curvier physique during a hike around Malibu.

    Lindsay Lohan stepped out for a hike in Malibu showing a curvier look

    Lean girl: Lindsay Lohan last year
  2. She looks healthier!

    I flippin' hate it when magazines/websites effing write articles like this! Lindsay looked like death barely warmed over last year. She was sickeningly thin and looked horrible. She was snorting her lunch.

    The girl is finally trying to get her act together (she is staying in rehab longer than originally scheduled), she's eating healthy & she's working out, and they're going to pick on her for being "curvy" (and seriously-that's curvy!?! WTF?!)

    Leave her alone! Let her get healthy and eat for a change! Isn't being 120 lbs and sober better than being 100 lbs and a cokefiend?

    I think she looks great.
  4. Well put!! And surely seeing pics of herself where people point it out will not help anything.
  5. AGREED!
  6. Jillybean307 is correct!
    ITA as well.
  7. ^^ ditto
  8. I think she looks fabulous!
  9. I agree with everyone. She looks great and SOBER.
  10. She looks so heathy and much better. I think she looks great. I hope she continues to get her act together. She's so much prettier like this.
  11. Totally agree. Rags wouldn't sell if it said "Lindsey is looking great and getting better". Its sad the spin put on things.
  12. So glad she extended her stay! In rehab, they usually feed the clients well; lots of great nourishing meals-and gaining weight usually happens along with getting healthy.:yes:
  13. she looks lovely to me :smile:
  14. I hope she stays strong. Staying off drugs will lead her gaining all her "old" pounds back and that's hard for a young girl nowadays.
  15. ITA too! I could not imagine being critiqued the way these girls are~! Good for her though, she looks absolutely fabulous!