Lindsay Lohan chanel trench/brooch

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  1. does anybody know anything about the prices/availability of this chanel trench and the chanel/crossbones brooch on it?........i really really love the brooch and would love to know if it came with the jacket or was something i coudl buy separately (on the very likely off chance that i can't afford the jacket)
  2. She wears it well! If I had her figure I'd want to jump on it too! I love her spy as well, pics usually dont do it justice.
  3. she looks sickly! i hate her hair that color.
  4. The brooch with the skull is nice :smile:
  5. Anyone who has seen the Feb. issue of Vanity Fair, has seen her looking better than ever - What a transformation!
  6. what an awesome punk rock brooch. I want to know about it too!
  7. I don't know anything about it (price wise and such), but if I could afford it, I would wear it too. It looks so flattering.
  8. I love that jacket on her!!! It looks so good!