Lindsay Lohan Bag

  1. Does anyone know who makes this? Last week Jessica Alba carried the same bag in a different color.
  2. You already posted this same question in another Forum, I'll delete that one and leave this one.
    We prefer to not have duplicate posts ;)
  3. I believe it's Calvin Klein?
  4. Thanks Winona 77, did you happen to see it in a store?
  5. It is Calvin Klein
  6. where can you purchase Calvin Klein bags?
  7. jessica alba has this bag too!
  8. That bag is HOT!! need it,want it, gotta have it!:yes:
  9. I've searched on line and I can't find it. Please if anyone can give us a lead.......

  10. Yes! I'm looking for it too... I love the white version. Anything Jessica A. wears is gorgeous though!
  11. its nice! maybe quite affordable too? anybody has a price?
  12. ooh..! i was wondering the same thing when i saw that picture of Lohan
  13. this bag is cool!:cool:
    i prefer Lindsay's colour!
  14. uu..i love lindsay's bag!the colour is soo gorgeous!is it really calvin klein bags?does any of you know how much will it cost?
  15. It is now on sale for $775. They have Jessica's color in the NYC store.