Lindsay Lohan at the World Premiere of Georgia Rule in NYC (05/08/07)

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  2. She looks gorgeous!
  3. Wow, she actually looks like she's a celebrity and not a grunge kid for once.
  4. She looks great! So did the rest of the cast- all in white
  5. although i'm still not a fan... i'll have to admit she looks beautiful in these photos!
  6. absolutely gorgeous - despite all the bad stuff, i'm still rooting for LiLo.
  7. Forget about Lindsay---she is still young..she's supposed to look good (even if most times she doesn't play up her beautiful youth that well)....

    Let's not forget that Jane Fonda looks great! It looks to me like she is just getting better and better with age. I watched her on Larry King over the weekend and was amazed. She's just so beautiful and in great shape. I think she must be over 60 now isn't she? And of course some may say it's because of Plastic Surgery but I will say that even Plastic Surgery isn't a miracle worker if you don't have the foundation to begin with. Jane is doing great even if she received a little 'help'!
  8. she looks great.
  9. She cleaned up good. She looks way better without the uneven selftanner. And she looks actually clean for once!
  10. she is so georgeous!
  11. She looks really pretty... I feel like she always looks nice for big events like this
  12. I lovee her dress! anyone know who it's by?
  13. She looks so gorgeous!