Lindsay Lohan Asked Fergie To Write Hit Song Before Intoxicated Arrest

  1. Lindsay Lohan phoned Fergie two days before she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence last week, to ask The Black Eyed Peas singer to write her a hit song.

    For the full story read here
  2. ^^^ that image of Lindsey reminds me of the scene in Full Metal Jacket: "me love you long time!"
  3. Gosh. Blohan looks like a real skank in the photo!
  4. Lohan looks very bad in the photo!
  5. :roflmfao:

    that was at jeremy pivens party and she just got in a swimsuit and started taking pics...coke anyone?
  6. Fergie looks very hot!
  7. Interesting...seeing as how Lindsay can't exactly sing well, it doesn't seem like it would have helped her.
  8. LLohan looks nastyyyy! :yucky:
  9. That is some crazy stuff. Definitely out there...
  10. Maybe it was a cry for help???
  11. maybe!Who knows?
  12. that picture of lilo makes me sick. she looks so nasty and skanky:throwup:
  13. Is it me, or is LiLo looking haggard at such a young age?
  14. It's because she's so unbelievably starved for attention. I've read so many articles with info from her "friends" that have said she is always doing eccentric things so people will look at her.

    She really needs help fast.
  15. i agree with you, she knew fergie was a meth addict. also fergie looks gawjus in that picture! :tup: