Lindsay Is GQ's Obsession Of The Year

  1. ll-gq1.jpg
  2. whyyyyy?!
  3. why not?? he he
  4. I like the bathing suit in the vid! or is that a top?
  5. lol Don't make me write it'll take up my entire lunch break.:sweatdrop:
  6. You said it all! :yes:
  7. hahaha ohhhh lalohan. Her life is friggin followed around like she's actually accomplished something.

    unfortunately I still like her though ..
  8. Lilo choice is much better than Paris Hilton being chosen IMO
  9. Eh...
  10. She looks really pretty in the pics. Way better than paris.
  11. I like those pictures
  12. You're kidding me.

    Why are we saying she's atleast "better than paris"...did paris win before? Or is she that bad where we have to give her that small accolade. LOL
  13. i was thinking that...followed by nooooooooooooooooo


    afterall, there are much better people like scarlett j. or even angelina j. that have done much more, and are just as gorgeous if not more so (IMHO).


    how could they?

    name ONE good movie she's in that has already been released.

    or how about ONE good song she sings?

    i don't even know if she does charity work..unless shopping is considered charity.
  14. lol^ Yeah, she pretty much sucks.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks that her answers to all the interview questions sounded kinda weird, ditzy, selfish, oh i don't know just kinda odd from all the other magazine interviews she has done?