Lindsay In Utah

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  2. Love her!
  3. Love her too!!! She seems to be doing better to me...
  4. I hope she is doing better - she's a good actress but needs to take better care of herself.
  5. Hope she getting her life back on track!
  6. she looks really good here, I'm loving her jacket and the blond hair.
  7. it seems like she has been in rehab for ages this time round. i really hope she can stay sober, like the long blonde hair too.
  8. she looks good with blonde hair, but her natural shade of red with the blonde highlight was GEORGEOUS to me!
  9. She looks great and I love the look.
  10. Maybe it will work for her this time.....???
  11. she looks fantastic. her hair is beautiful. and shes always pictured with a cigarette in her hand!
  12. She looks good.