Lindsay in rehab - confirmed

  1. a la TMZ:
    Lohan -- Cleaning Toilets 12 Steps at a Time
    Posted Aug 10th 2007 4:50PM by TMZ Staff

    Lindsay Lohan is at what is considered the most hardcore drug treatment facility in the nation.
    TMZ has confirmed Lohan is at Cirque in Orem, Utah, a treatment center run by Mormons. People inside the facility say Lindsay has been a "model patient," and gets absolutely no special treatment.

    A television show is broadcasting a piece tonight with a woman in silhouette -- who claims she was at the facility with Lindsay, and that Lohan was difficult with the staff, refused to attend meetings and got lots of special attention -- including a private room. TMZ knows differently.

    Sources inside the facility say that Lindsay attends12-step every day as well as other meetings, talks with psychiatrists and psychologists, and receives "other medical treatment." She is not in a private room; she has two roommates. She spends time during the day and night washing dishes, cleaning toilets and doing laundry.

    Doctors at the facility say she has been cooperative from the get-go. As for the woman making the allegations, there are two facilities at Cirque -- The Lodge and The Studio. We're told Lindsay and the woman were at different facilities and there was only a short overlap. We're told the woman dropped out of the program days after Lindsay arrived, "against medical advice." Several doctors described the woman as "a problem." We're told the only way the woman could have even seen Lindsay was at group meetings -- she was never in a position to even see Lindsay's accommodations.

    And we have more: We're told the day of her arrest, Lohan went to an intense, medical detox facility in L.A. for eight days. She then went directly to Cirque.
  2. Just another notch in the belt for her.
  3. Thank God. I hope it's more like a jail than a resort.
  4. Mmm...we'll see if it changes her at all. Didn't change Britney one whit. Made HER more nuts. Well, at least we don't get to see her foolish behavior for a little bit....
  5. three rehab stays in rehab $$$$$ and I bet she still will not learn.
  6. I hope she gets better.
  7. at least she's in REAL rehab this time instead of celebrity getaway rehab.
  8. ^Yeah I agree.
  9. I will just sit and watch. Shes like a teenage boy she does the opposite always.
  10. Couldn't have said it better: At least we don't see her.
  11. Reminds me of "Rachel's Holiday" by Marian Keyes. That book drove wind into my bones. If LL is going through anything like there, there may yet be hope.
  12. I agree! I've seen videos of that other "rehab", I think it's called Promises? Anyways, that looks like a fricken RESORT.

    Glad she's at a REAL treatment center this time and that she has to do laundry, dishes, etc. I hope it gives her a reality check.
  13. I heard on tv that they are treating her for free (though they won't officially confirm or deny this) because, apparently, she is having some money issues and can't afford to pay...going a little broke.:wtf:
  14. I 'm not suprised by this, look at the $$ she spends in designer items!!
  15. Dear God I hope this works.