Lindsay: I Have 5000 Pairs Of Shoes + Tonight ! Jay Leno Interview

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  1. [​IMG]
    Move over, Imelda Marcos! There is a new shoe whore in town!

    Sex, drugs and parties are apparently not the only obsession of Lindsay Lohan's. The 20-year-old troublemaking party girl has admitted she has an incredible 5000 pairs of shoes!

    LiLo confessed she has become addicted to footwear.

    In the January issue of British Elle, she reveals: "I own 5000 pairs of shoes. It's mad. I do love fashion. Stella McCartney is great, she sends me loads of free stuff."
  2. 5000?!?!?! i don't even think i have a 100!!!!
  3. Nothing about her surprises me anymore.
  4. I'm not all that impressed. Like she said, she was given most of those shoes. The rest of us "great unwashed" have to pay for things. It's alright, though -- this way she can save her money for cocaine and herpes meds. :yucky:
  5. haha wow 5000 pairs?
    i wonder who counted it all for her?
  6. If I got them for free,hey I would probably have 5000 as well!! Im not one to turn down a great pair of shoes! I am sure she bought a lot of them but I am also sure designers give her a lot of shoes and from photo shoots etc etc!!
  7. This girl just gets on my last nerve.......a place usually reserved for my TEEN!
  8. I don't even know if a centipede has that many shoes like her.:shrugs:
  9. OH MY! I would DIE to spend one day in her closet, picking out all the things that I want!! hollyyy coww
  10. let her make them 50,000 and she still has no sense of style..IMO
  11. ^ Hahaha! Indeed!
  12. Very interesting because i read in Tatler magazine that Victoria Beckham has 8000 paires of shoes and i think they both need to get a life because that is way to much pairs of shoes.(and i LOVE SHOES)
  13. I wonder... where she keeps them. Heh.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: omg that is absolutely hilarious but it's true she gets lots of free stuff
  15. she's clearly a disgusting and spoiled human being who is "famous" for god knows WHAT (a dinky teen movie? a few other flops?) oohhh, right, being 20 in Hollywood with alcohol, drugs and flashing her you-know-what everwhere.

    It's too bad she doesn't see the need to leverage her good fortune (at least the good fortune that allows her to get free luxury items) to help others. Consider how much money could be raised if she auctioned off that stuff for charity.

    god, I wish she and the rest of the complete zero publicity-whores would go away...