Lindsay Hospitalized..... AGAIN !!!

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    Exhaustion. Dehydration. A couple of asthma attacks. A rumoured drug overdose. And now appendicitis!

    That's right, people, Lindsay Lohan, our favourite chronic inpatient, has found herself in the hospital yet again.

    Per TMZ:
    'Leslie Sloane, Lindsay's rep, tells TMZ that Lindsay was not feeling well and went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor performed several tests and determined that Lindsay was suffering from appendicitis. Doctors asked her to return to the hospital today to remove her appendix as a precaution.

    Sloane says Lindsay is resting.'​
  2. I think she either loves the hospital or she has some pretty crappy luck. Maybe she is flirting with the doctors......:throwup:
  3. lindsay needs to slow down
  4. totally agree!
  5. She wears me out.
  6. :roflmfao: shes too much.
  7. I feel kinda sorry for her! I know many of you will disagree, but she seems very old and tired of living for someone so young. I agree, she needs to slooooow down.
  8. Yeah, always so much drama going on with her.
  9. aww i do feel sorry her.. but yah, she REALLY needs to take it easy
  10. Who wants to wager a bet with me....that she doesn't live to see her 40th birthday.....
  11. yeah i agree, she needs to slow it down before it is too late!!!
  12. Well I hope and pray she lives to see 40. Everyone in life deserves the best, I think she is hurting on the inside and she needs help. I pray that she does slow down she has toooo much going for her.:heart: :heart:
  13. ITA