Lindsay & Her Convertible

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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. I am not sure I dig the black/white look on her during the day... seems like a night time outfit :shrugs:
  4. I like!! I think she looks cute!!
  5. Cute outfit! That's my SL65 she is driving!!!:hysteric: I WANT!!!:lol:
  6. She is lookin' pretty chic to me!! All the way around- hair, jeans, black/white, Mercedes, Chanel, sunnies.
  7. Cute car!
  8. cute pic and lovely car
  9. Like her style in these pictures!
  10. She looks cute, but I hate those sunglasses. Did she just have cataract surgery?
  11. NICE Bag!! :love:

  12. ROFLMAO!!!:lol:
  13. She looks hot! Although, she is starting to look like a bobble head again. But fabulous nonetheless!
  14. She's looking a lot more healthy now which is great to see. I love her hair/clothes/car/sunnies/bag.
  15. wow! im loving her convertible and her bag! :love: