Lindsay For The November Issue Of Instyle Mag

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  5. she's beautiful i'll give you that

    but oscar?

    she needs to act as well as she parties before that happens.
  6. yeah oscar is coming your way lindsey </sarcasm>
  7. LMAO!! Oh, yeah... for sure! :rolleyes:
  8. I :heart: her hair!
  9. She looks really happy and pretty here. I don't know about an oscar...but did you see parent trap? She's talented.
  10. she is so pretty!! love her more and more. esp her fashion sense! :love: and she might be a playgirl.. but at least she's not thrasy. or is she?? :lol:
  11. she looks the lilac gown....
  12. she looks cute .... im shocked her eyez are green, i've always thought they were bluish Grey...
  13. The closest this gal will ever come to an Oscar will be screwing someone named Oscar.:roflmfao:
    When I saw her image on the November issue I left it setting on the magazine rack :throwup: .
  14. Pretty funny Cat^^
  15. She is really beautiful this these pictures :smile: