Lindsay for Miu Miu?

  1. It this Lindsay Lohan in these Miu Miu campaign images?


    And who's that hot guy in the last couple of pix!:wtf: YUMMYYYYY!
  2. yes I that is lindsay! I love the clothes!
  3. Much more sophistocated than the ads she did for Dooney- gorgeous!
  4. She looks good :smile:
  5. yes that's lohan & i think these ads are amazing and very well done. she looks super chic! the clothing/bags in the ads arent bad either... ;)
  6. I think it's great how Miu Miu protrayed Lindsay in a new, classic chic light. I love the ads!
  7. She looks so great in those ads!
  8. It makes me not want to buy any Miu Miu this season...hate Lindsay and everything she represents. Shame on Prada.