Lindsay Engaged?

  1. I know that just cuz you have a huge knockin' diamond ring on the left ohh so important ring finger --dosen't mean your engaged...but whats the "LOOK what i got! And yess it's there on my finger.." Expression?
  2. I'm not really in the know about celeb lives, who is she engaged to? Or might be engaged to?
  3. Do we ever see her with anyone? I think it's just to pique the press' interest, she strikes me as another "stop looking at me, Ok not really" celebs
  4. Just last year, before all the brouhaha with her family, weight loss, etc. -- Lindsay was saying that all the other celebrities who were complaining about the press shouldn't do so because it was part of their "job" ... hmmm ... wonder how she feels now??!?!?

    Besides ... what is wrong with these girls ... age 19, wanting so desperately to get married? Hell, that's when you start having some fun! Where is the parental guidance?
  5. she's supposedly dating jared leto. loved him as jordan catallano on "my so called life". :love:
  6. I don't think she will get marry! I mean how long would it last? I agree with Ceejay why would she be so desperate to get married?! Yeah I think she is going out with Jared Leto
  7. This is just a pic of her at a jewelry store trying on stuff, she flashed a ring at the paparrazi as a joke,(I saw these pics of her at the store) she is not engaged.