Lindsay: Drink-Throwing Story Was Just a Lie

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  1. According to the latest video shown E! news, Lindsay Lohan today put to rest that ugly story that Paris Hilton had thrown a drink at Lindsay and hurt her elbow.

    "Paris didn't hit me," Lindsay stated, adding that "people lie about everything."

    It is good to know that this terrible story was just another lie, probably started by people who just want to hate on Lindsay, and who were just deliberately taking the remarks she made yesterday out of context because they are jealous of her friendship with Paris and Britney, who has been giving the girls tips about how to make sure that E! puts your story before the ones that are always coming out about that awful raisin head Pam Anderson who is probably like 30 or something but still keeps like getting married and stuff. Ewww.
  2. In 10 years, I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay was of those E! features of stars who have had major personal/career meltdown. It'd be sad since I think she does have acting talent.
  3. She's kinda' cuckoo.
  4. what? come on lilo it was vidoed on x17 :wtf:
  5. I really can't stand Lindsey and I think she's just getting a little more nutty everyday. Maybe someday she can pull her act together.
  6. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  7. Ummm..Lindsay was caught saying that Paris hit her and now she's trying to say that PEOPLE lie about things? How are PEOPLE lying about things when SHE was the one who said it?! That pissed me off when I saw it on E last night..
  8. lol! She just looks crazier and crazier to me!
  9. This story is still breaking hard! Last night Paris and Lindsay had a BIG fight, and remember that E! will always get the news to you even before they explain that it is all another big lie started by more people who are just jealous of Lindsay because she was smart enough to dye her hair so people will be able to tell which one she is, but then there are always going to be those haters that say Nicole also dyed her hair a better color. The real question is whether we really want the kind of society where people can tell these girls apart? Just because they are celebrities it is like people think they have some kind of entitlement to be able to tell one from the other, which is just whack. And now it has started to affect the girls so much that two of them have even stopped being blondes and will probably have to go to rehab salons to get help.
  10. I think Lindsey is going CRAZY!! CooCoo:noggin:
  11. ShimmaPuff......I love your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :P :P :nuts:
  12. ITA
  13. I can't stand Lindsay...I think she's on coke! lol
  14. what???? I hope this is a joke
  15. At 31 years of age, I wonder if I am a "raisin head" in my old age?