Lindsay Checks Out Of The Hospital.....Then Heads Straight To The Clubs

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  2. I admire Lindsay's fortitude -- discharged from the hospital after an "apendectomy" in the morning, hitting the clubs later that same day! Lindsay dined at Pace and then headed to a club in West Hollywood and left at 2:30 am!

  3. yes I believe her doctor told her to be sure to exert herself and get plenty of tar - hence the cigarettes.
  4. I'm sure cigs and booze are just dandy after an appendectomy...YUCK.
  5. ^ita!!
  6. What is wrong with this girl? :shrugs:
  7. You know, I find it really sad that her mother obviously doesn't have half a brain to guide her daughter in the right direction. Maybe like, Hey Lindsay, I think we should stay in for pizza & a home movie tonight?!

    Oh yeah, but then if she makes Lindsay mad, her "free ride compliments of the daughter" might be over. This girl is becoming such a trainwreck...
  8. It was quite obviously not an apendectomy.
  9. she looks old at her age...
  10. :push: Lilo doesn't look very nice in these pics... LOL i guess if shes just leavin the hospital then who would look HOT??? LOL... I hope shes ok!
  11. Blech.. She didn't have her appendix removed, I do not believe that.. And I don't think she's got water in those water bottles she keeps walking around with. She's a real mess!
  12. I hope she calms down with her partying soon! I saw her at the Mokai last week in Miami but i didn't see her drinking, but who knows, that "water" she carries might be alcohol.
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. I bet its another overdose of her supposed "plate parties" or too much mixing of arrowhead water cough cough grey goose vodka.....hahaha
    appendix my as*....
  15. What a gross woman.