**Lindsay Arrested AGAIN!!!!!**

  1. I just read about this...supposedly narcotics were found in her car AGAIN. not only that but she was driving on a suspended license!! Oh my goodness what is wrong with these people.
  2. Wow, she's something else....
  3. She's scheduled to be on with Jay Leno tonight, so apparently nothing's stopping her.
  4. I don't think she could be a bigger idiot.
  5. She needs to change her friends, not just stop drinking & doing drugs. what a waste of a god given talent
  6. Maybe a month in the clink will do her some good. What a mess she is.
  7. I wonder if she'll show.
    I guess rehab wnt really well for her:confused1:
  8. What I want to know is why do we even care? She hasn't had a hit movie since Mean Girls which was in 2004, has anyone seen the trailer for her new movie, is looks frightening horrible. I wish the media would focus on actresses that actually have their lives together like Scarlett Johanson or Anne Hatheway instead of train wrecks like Lindsay.
  9. lock her up!! lock her up!!
  10. What a dumb ass! There is no way she will be on Leno.
  11. wow TMZ has updated. they found coke in her pants!
  12. Woah. This is like, automatic jail time, too. I should move to Cali and go into criminal traffic defense law. I'd make a killing.
  13. wow, i hope they send her to the clink and fast.
  14. My god.....she looked like she was doing well too. Trainwrecks...the whole lot of them (Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, Britney)...let's focus on girls who have their sh%t together like Christin Aguilera, Christina Ricci, Scarlett, Anne, Hilary...