Lindsay and Nicole, WAHT COLOR??

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  1. Hey guysss... what color is it?? cornflower??

    hmmm.... i wonder???:wondering
    LOVE THE STYLE:love: :love: :love:
  2. l3enz, sorry but i cannot make out the color very clearly. i know that they both have turquoise bbags from 2005 but i am uncertain if the pictures do not vividly illustrate that. i have never seen them pictured with a cornflower bag in 2005, only the turquoise. perhaps someone else has a better shot of the colors.
  3. I doubt it is cornflower. Those pictures have been around for a while, longer than cornflower has. Perhaps it is navy from Fall 2005.
  4. Looks kind of like the Spring 05 indigo to me.
  5. I'm pretty sure both Lindsay & Nicole are carrying the '05 Turquoise in that photo. It's just that the magazine scan-in photo probably wasn't taken under much light and then the scanning process made it look even darker. I've seen many paparazzi shots of the two (including photos in those same outfits) taken under bright sunlight and it was pretty clear they were carrying the turquoise.
  6. It's definitely Spring 2005 turquoise. I just went to the "Celebs w/ B-Bags" thread and there are a lot of pictures of LL and NR with the turquoise and no pictures of either of them with indigo or navy or any other blue color in that same size bag.
  7. It's a great color~ Just beautiful!
  8. Here is my 05' indigo. It is hard for me to tell what theres is. Lighting is everything with Bbags.
  9. thats lindsey??? she looks awful there.. i thought it was her mum or something
  10. hi guys planning to buy a b bag what color is nice i'm choosing between
    lilac, bluet or cognac ... has anyone seen the cognac?
  11. Its the 05 Turquoise - that magazine scan just makes it look darker.
  12. 05 turquoise for sure. Seen that pic IRL and it's definitely turquoise. Here's another one of Nicole w/it:
  13. def. 05 indigo
  14. Wow! yikes! same style. oh no!!! the bag is hot though.....
  15. Did any of the rest of you folks read the article (I think it was either in Harper's Bazaar or Vogue) about these stylists out in LA who "lend" out various items (for instance - a particular B-Bag) to these celebs? The article was intimating that these celebs don't actually "own" the bag, but are in fact, borrowing the bag from the stylist for a particular event!!! I thought that was very interesting, and would explain pictures like this where you see these gals (who, by the way - use the same stylist - Rachel Zoe) with the SAME EXACT bag!!!

    Hmmm ...