L'indispensable owners.. is it really indispensable?

  1. I've recently discovered this Suhali item, and am thinking of making it my first Suhali piece. This is it in Geranium, which is exactly what I'm looking at getting.


    My question to those who already own this piece, what do you think of it? I'm thinking of using it for the reasons elux list on their site, as a clutch and for small papers and other pieces. I currently use my Tikal Pochette in my bag to carry pills, bandaids, notes, etc.. any other small and thin items.. but would use this for that instead and keep my Tikal just for a clutch.

    So is this really indispensable? I love everything about it - the style, colour, materials, that zipper and the brass corners - but some more rational part of me is demanding I justify the purchase further by first doing some research! :rolleyes:

    Any thoughts and comments would be welcome and greatly appreciated! :welcome:
  2. It looks nice I seen it on elux before too:greengrin: you should get it...
  3. Hhahaaaa.. you dirty enabler, you! :graucho:
  4. I have looked at this in LV here and think it is really flat and you could not fit that much in it....save your $$ for something else:yes:
  5. I LOVE the closure! As long as you can put some stuff into it, it'll be practical. get it. ;)
  6. It's beautiful! That's justification enough....you must fill your life with beauty. hehehe.......
  7. OMG that is so cute!!!! I need something suhali too!
  8. I hadn't seen that piece yet. hat color is lovely! I think it would be a fab first Suhali piece....for me!...LOL
  9. I haven't seen the suhali one but I've seen it alligator (or croc not sure) it was so :drool::drool::drool:

    It's a really cute piece if you think you'll get good use out of it go for it
  10. Oh god, in alligator!?!?!:wtf: Was that in Paris? We definetly need pictures of it. What colours?
  11. It's cute!!!
  12. Shiny black! absolutely beautiful Yes it was in Paris they had a glass central case all filled with small leather goods but made in exotics I barely remember what was in it I think I got a little ligth headed from hyperventilating lol

    ooo I remember small round jewellery cases (the used to make them in epi) in gator/croc, ostrich & lizard, a purse (not the pti I think it was the pochette) in pink alligator/croc that was also stunning and there were some card holders in lizard too. there were other slg around the store but mostly the same pieces in different colours