Lindestore is on sale...30% off on Givenchy

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. The link no longer works for me when I click on it. When I click on USA, nothing happens.
  2. For those who made a purchase last Friday, are your order still pending or have your item been shipped out? I still get a message that payment is made but waiting for acceptance.
  3. Just received notice that mine has been shipped out.
  4. :happydance:
  5. Congrats! I have to live vicariously thru you:smile: post pics when it arrives!!
  6. Yup, pls do. They do ship quite fast but the box is really ugly and they simply stuff it around.

    But for a huge discount, one shouldnt complain. Best part is, custom tax paid!!!
  7. Looking at the pricing, the customs tax should be incorporated under duties. They charge me 20% of price before discount for duties. Singapore's tax is only 7%.
  8. That's what I thought so too and I even emailed them to confirm about it. But the prices are still much cheaper than in Singapore boutique so I thought why not!

    Just saw your new post, yours look great! Is it the small size? Can't wait to receive mine! :biggrin:
  9. Mine is medium. Because it is not the smooth box leather, it is not so stiff. Which bag you got?
  10. I got the one in small.. The tricolor black. Most were sold out by the time I wanted to order. :sad:

    Medium would be a better working bag I think!
  11. my friend's loot from the sale :smile:...
  12. BEAUTIFUL...sorry purse-nality but did you find out abt Lindestore via this forum or you already knew?
  13. huh? did you mean about the site, or the sale? why the question? :huh:
  14. Both :smile: just wondering....thats all!
  15. oh... discovered it here during the previous sale, sometime dec '11. there was a thread, and iirc, it may have been you who reco'd the site (TY!)! purchased a hazel panda that time. so since then i've been receiving email updates from Lindes.